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News article31 October 20221 min read

Ambassador of the Month: Simon Horoz

European IP Helpdesk Ambassadors all across Europe aim to help you deal with intellectual property (IP) issues and integrate IP into your business strategies at your doorstep and in your native language.

The ambassador of this month is Simon Horoz from IMG - Innovations-Management GmbH. Simon has 17 years of experience in the field of IP management and he is a valuable member of European Enterprise Network (EEN) with his involvement in the Sector Group "Renewable Energy" as well as the Thematic Group "Sustainability".

Simon has indicated in his interview that in Germany the most important issues related to IP are not only the protection of an innovative idea but also its degree of sustainability. He therefore thinks that the requirements for an IP Ambassador are increasing in view of the changing focus on an innovative idea.

Read the full interview here.



Publication date
31 October 2022