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News article4 October 20221 min read

Ambassador of the Month: Merit Fimberg-Espuch

Every month, we introduce you to one of our regional intellectual property (IP) Ambassadors who support your IP inquiries in your own language and help you to integrate IP into your business strategies.

This month’s ambassador is Merit Fimberg-Espuch from Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the largest business support organization in Estonia. Before joining Chamber, she worked in Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre, offering IP support services to Estonian SMEs and advising on various IP topics, conducting IP audits, and organizing awareness raising events.

In her interview, Merit pointed out that there is a lack of awareness about IP and IP rights in Estonia and SMEs usually do not realize the importance of IP or the necessity to protect their rights. She also indicated that it has been also one of her main tasks being an IP ambassador in Estonia, to raise the awareness, through publishing different articles in our Chamber’s communication channels.



Publication date
4 October 2022