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News article5 December 20221 min read

Ambassador of the Month: James Walsh

European IP Helpdesk team is happy to introduce you to the ambassador of this month James Walsh from Ireland. James has a broad range of experience in research and knowledge transfer commercialization and supports entrepreneurs, start-ups and more established small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on patent protection and trademark advice.

In his interview, he has indicated that what he likes the most about being a European IP Helpdesk Ambassador is without doubt, the range of entrepreneurial companies that he supports – one day he can be advising a movie animation company or a smart textile company, and the following week a quantum computing company or offshore wind energy company.

Being the head of the sub-group “Intellectual Assets Management”, James Walsh was also involved in the development of the Code of Practice on the management of intellectual assets for knowledge valorization 2023.

Read the full interview here.



Publication date
5 December 2022