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News blog8 April 20221 min read

ACPAA's 2022-2025 Action Plan To Enhance Quality Of Patent Attorney Industry

Written by Mr. Toby Mak, IP Expert and collaborator of the China IP SME Helpdesk.


In April, the All China Patent Attorney Association (ACPAA) published high-level targets that the organisation aims to achieve by 2025. Amongst the targets are a 12% increase in practicing patent attorneys as well as increasing China’s litigation talent.China IP SME Helpdesk external expert Toby Mak shares with us his thoughts on the ACPAA’s targets.

The plan is packed with high level targets that the ACPAA wants to achieve by the end of 2025, but the following numeric indicators are interesting:

While there appears to be a targeted 11% annual increase of patent firm total income from 2022 to 2025, there is a targeted 12% annual increase of the number of practicing patent attorneys, which means that the average income of a patent attorney is expected to decrease?......

For internationalized high-end talent, while such requires the recognition of the ACPAA (this may explains why this was zero at the end of 2021, as the recognition may not have started), other organization approved by the ACPAA could also make such recognition. This could be the next discussion item when I represent AIPLA or IPO to meet with the ACPAA.

From the above, it appears that 22% of firms are not using digital case management system. I am curious how these firms could cope with the fast moving pace of this industry.

Just my little thoughts above. Please feel free to share yours.


Publication date
8 April 2022