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Webinar | IP Protection in China for the Laser Industry

The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in China and the China IP SME Helpdesk jointly organise a webinar on “IP Protection in China for the Laser Industry”.

Innovation, especially in the technology-driven industries such as the laser industry, is the key to business success in China for SMEs as it provides them with a comparative advantage over competitors. When entering China’s market many SMEs transfer their innovative technology, may it be through licensing, establishing joint ventures or through R&D collaborations. While technology transfer opens up business opportunities, transferring technology to China involves IP risks which SMEs should be aware of to avoid losing their competitive advantage due to loss of IP to competitors. It is thus important for SMEs active in the laser industry to devise a comprehensive IP strategy taking into account technology transfer risks and new developments in China’s IP landscape when entering China’s market.

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Practical information

The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in China / the China IP SME Helpdesk


IP Protection in China for the Laser Industry
IP Protection in China for the Laser Industry

Event Details:

Event Type:       Webinar

Venue:               zoom webinar platform

Date:               21 April 2021

Time:                  10:00 - 11:20 (EEST) (15:00 -16:20 Beijing time)


During this webinar, China IP SME Helpdesk IP Business Advisor Mr. Matias Zubimendi will provide an overview of IP protection in China, especially designed for the laser industry. Mr. Zubimendi will discuss the following topics:

  • Main types of IP important for the laser industry and how to protect and enforce them in China
  • Current situation of IP in high-tech in China
    • China’s new Patent Law and its implications for the laser industry.
  • Technology transfer to China, how to avoid the common IP risks. 

Mr. Zubimendi will also provide expert tips on how to successfully protect and enforce your IP when bringing your inventions to China. The webinar will end with a Q&A session where attendees can raise their questions and interact with the speaker.



15:00 – 15:05             Opening remarks by the Embassy of Lithuania

15:05 – 15:10             Introduction to the webinar and the services of the China IP SME Helpdesk by Ms. Jennifer Cao

15:10 – 15:50             Presentation on Technology Transfer and IP Contracts in China by Mr. Matias Zubimendi

15:50 – 16:20             Q&A Session and closing remarks