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Training| How to Protect your Intellectual Property in China

This is a hybrid training seminar in Shanghai. It talks about the IPR protection in China which especially focuses on virtual trade fairs. 

The global pandemic and the increasing digitalisation of the world economy have moved majority of trade fairs online or partially online. While online trade fairs are an excellent means to cost-effectively promote SMEs’ products, there are also specific IP risks involved. To be successful at online trade fairs SMEs need to develop a comprehensive IP strategy.


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Practical information

Irish Chamber of Commerce in China/Danish Chamber of Commerce in China/China IP SME Helpdesk


How to protect IP in china
How to protect IP in china

Event Details:

Event Type:    Training seminar 

Venue:            Viva! 421 Weihai Lu, Shanghai & Zoom

Date:            28 April 2021

Time:              19:00 -21:00 Beijing Time


During his presentation, Mr. Matias Zubimendi, the IP Business Advisor at China IP SME Helpdesk will provide an overview of how to prepare for virtual trade fairs, what to pay attention to during them and what steps to take should SMEs spot infringing products at a virtual fair. Particular focus in on F&B and agriproducts. Mr. Zubimendi will share his experiences with online trade fairs in China and offer expert advice on how to make sure that copycats would not get their paws on your products or services.