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IP protection in China for European tech startups

The China IP SME Helpdesk and TechCode Germany are jointly organizing a training exclusively for European tech startups planning to scale-up to China or are already present in the Chinese market.

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IP protection in China for European tech startups
IP protection in China for European tech startups

- TRAINING - 18 May

Why Intellectual Property (IP)? Developing an IP strategy when doing business in China is a crucial factor in the internationalization process for your business to succeed, as it protects your competitive advantage in the third market. Your company's IP represents an important financial and business asset, and a right IP strategy may result in increased revenue. A proactive preparation helps to prevent violations, and may allow an easier enforcement in the case of an infringement. Join the webinar to acquire a better understanding of the IP laws in China! The China IP SME Helpdesk Expert, Michał Kłaczyński, will provide an overview of the different intellectual property rights and of the latest developments of IP laws, will share some useful tips for tech startups, and present case studies. Attendees will have to opportunity to ask any question on IP in China during the Q&A session.



10:00 - Welcome remarks, introduction to TechCode and Z-Park, Sinja Hahn, Community Manager, TechCode Accelerator Germany

10:10 - China IP SME Helpdesk free services for European SMEs, Alessandra Capriglia, Project Executive, China IP SME Helpdesk

10:15 - IP protection in China for European Tech startups, Michał Kłaczyński, China IP SME Helpdesk IP Expert 11:00 Q&A


- CHINA IP 1:1 - 19,20,21 May

Would you like to discuss more in depth about your IP strategy for China? or do you have some IP-related concerns and you do not know who to ask? Do not miss the opportunity to talk to the China IP SME Helpdesk IP Business Advisor! You will have 30 minutes private session over Zoom to discuss the specific case of your company, free of charge, and confidentially. Let us know in the registration form that you are interested, and we will send you all the details.