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IP protection in China for European innovative SMEs

ENRICH in China and China IP SME Helpdesk will co-organize a webinar which targets innovative SMEs interested in exporting their solutions to China, and will offer useful tools to develop an IP strategy for the Chinese market.

  • Intellectual property

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IP Protection in China for innovative European SMEs
IP Protection in China for innovative European SMEs

In her presentation, the China IP SME Helpdesk expert, Catherine Heng Yee HUYNH, will develop the following topics:

• Overview of different Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
• Why it is crucial to register your IPR
• How to enforce IPR in China
• The new Patent Law
• The most important implications of the Cybersecurity law for European companies
• Best practices for technology transfer
• Cooperation on Research & Development in China

The webinar will be held in English. The IP expert will address any question related to IP protection and enforcement in China, during a Q&A session.