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Intellectual Property protection in China and South-East Asia for the game industry

In occasion of the Game Wave Festival, which will take place in Jūrmala, Latvia, the China IP SME Helpdesk and the South-east Asia IP SME Helpdesk will provide a training on IP protection for the game industry in China and South-east Asia. The  IP expert who will run the training will be Mr. Elio de Tullio.

A representative of the Helpdesks will also attend the event and meet entrepreneurs during the B2B meetings.

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Practical information



Game Wave festival

The game industry acts as a driver for economic growth in China and South-East Asia. It is a new economy in terms of production, distribution, marketing, value chains and workforce. For instance, China's gaming industry recorded a tenfold increase in revenue between 2008 and 2017, from RMB 18.6 billion to RMB 203.6 billion.

The purpose of this training is to explore the most important aspects of the game industry (board, video games, VR/AR/XR, etc.), and analyze the relevant legislation and best practice related to IPRs in China and ASEAN Countries, namely, the bundle of IPRs on which the two major stakeholders may rely on: i.e. gamers and game corporations.

In particular, the webinar will focus on the analysis of the following IP rights, with a deep analysis on how to use them in an interconnected way, in order to protect the different technologies, software and devices used in the gaming industry:

- Trademarks

- Copyrights

- Patents

- Designs

- Protection through Anti-Unfair Competition.

Moreover, attention will be paid on online video games acts of infringement. The intent is to show, through the most relevant case law, how China and ASEAN courts affirm IPRs infringements and support the plaintiff’s reasoning; focus will be particularly made on copyright infringements.

The training will also explore the role of other Chinese and ASEAS countries’ relevant branches of law which may also apply in cases involving IPRs infringement in the gaming sector, i.e. Anti-Unfair Competition rules.

Finally, the training will offer some general tips on the correct management of IP rights and the preparation of an adequate tailor-made international IP strategy for the protection of video-games, as well as the presentation of case studies and best practices of this sector.