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The importance of Intellectual Property when doing business abroad (GIS 2021)

In the framework of the Global Innovation Summit 2021, the International IP SME Helpdesk are holding a training session on the importance of IP protection when doing business abroad and on territorial peculiarities in China, India, Latin America and South-East Asia.

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Global Innovation Summit 2021
Global Innovation Summit 2021

More and more companies are moving in international environments in which it is essential to consider some aspects of the protection of copyright, trade marks and patents.

By granting exclusive rights on the use of an invention or creation, IP rights give their holders several advantages, which properly exploited can be used to bring highly competitive products to the market, increase market share and revenues.

Nevertheless, holders must be aware that such rights can be geographically limited and, therefore, subject to further protection if they are planning to enter foreign markets.

Come and meet our experts from the International IP SME Helpdesk to know what Intellectual Property is; why is it so important in your internationalization process; its benefits to your business; and what are the most remarkable particularities in China, Vietnam, Mexico, Singapore, Brazil or India; and join the conversation to clarify any doubts you may have.

The training session will take place on May 18 from 14:30 pm CEST. Registration is done via the event platform.