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EU|BIC Training Track: Intellectual Property Rights

The European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), in collaboration with the International IP SME Helpdesks, invites you to take part to this three-fold training on IP rights, business support methods and country-specific specialisation.

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EU|BIC Training Track: Intellectual Property Rights
EU|BIC Training Track: Intellectual Property Rights

Managing intangible assets: an introduction to Intellectual Property Rights. A three-fold train-the-trainer series providing a full introduction to all the various aspects of IP rights, the latest business support methods aimed at early-stage startups and scaling entrepreneurs, and country-specific specialisation modules.

  • Module 1: preparing participants to create foundational knowledge enabling straightforward guidance on IP Rights to their client companies.
  • Module 2: providing support to early-stage startups with a deeper understanding of the more advanced concepts and ways to utilise IP.
  • Module 3: focusing on incubation managers and coaches dealing with scaling enterprises, equipping you with the ability to handle sophisticated, complex use of intangible assets on different markets worldwide.


Business incubation managers, technical support providers, and business coaches seek to increase their general understanding of IP Rights and aim to build and update their specific business counselling and mentoring skills on IP Rights and innovation management.


In this training track, participants increase their knowledge and hands-on skills in:

  • Understanding the importance of effective IP protection for entrepreneurs operating in a competitive-intensive environment.
  • Managing various factors impacting the market effectiveness of stakeholders in the EU and worldwide (e.g. patent, utility models, and Copyright & Related Rights).

This training is part of the EU|BIC Training Track series organised by EBN and the EU|BIC community.

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