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EU - Webinar for start-ups at B2B-event Chem-Match: IP and software in collaborations: Corporates meet Startups 2021 "Green & Digital"

The webinar is part of the B2B-event Chem-Match: Corporates meet Startups 2021 "Green & Digital" (7 & 8 October 2021) to initiate collaboration between the chemical industry and international startups.

In cooperation with the European IP Helpdesk, Hessen Trade & Invest with the Enterprise Europe Network and the project partners CIEX Europe Conference, 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health and Infraserv at Industry Park Höchst offer this specialevent format for meeting and discussing about corporate – startup collaboration.

The webinar is open to the public and can be booked also without a participation in the matchmaking event.

  • Software | Business start-up | Early-stage capital
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  • Live streaming available

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Chem_Match 2021

Collaborations can involve complexity in managing the interrelationships between confidentiality, use of existing IP, publication of information, commercialisation and decision making around IP rights. These complexities mean that it is important to consider IP management at the outset.  Collaborations can result in the creation of new IP in inventions, documents, products, services, processes, software and other material. Consideration and management of potential IP issues can help to prevent delays and avoid disputes as the project progresses.

This webinar will cover key IP issues which need to be addressed in collaborations, particularly IP management, protection, & licensing. The focus will be on ICT & software technologies, which have their own unique challenges.

Host: European IP Helpdesk / EEN / Hessen Trade & Invest

Speaker: Dr Eugene Sweeney – CEO Iambic Innovation

Level of Expertise: Basic

Learning Objectives

After the webinar, participants should have a better understanding of

  • how protect and leverage their intellectual assets,
  • and how to negotiate and manage mutually beneficial collaborations.

Duration: 60 minutes (presentation) + 15 minutes (Q&As)

Fee: The webinar will be offered free of charge.


General contact

European IP Helpdesk Training Team