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EU - Webinar: Effective IP and Outreach Strategies Help Increase the Impact of Research and Innovation

Communication, dissemination and exploitation are key components of every Horizon (2020/HEU) project. Yet, there is still some confusion on what the terms really mean and how the corresponding activities relate to each other.

This webinar will put a particular spotlight on the role of communication, dissemination and exploitation in maximising the impact of Horizon (2020/HEU) projects. It aims to clarify the terminology by illustrating the differences between the three concepts, and to point out the areas they have in common. Participants will also get an overview on key practical steps to take and consider when elaborating a sound outreach and exploitation strategy. In this regard, central aspects related to IP and innovation management will also be addressed, since they are significantly interwoven with the subject. However, please note that this webinar is complementary to other training sessions offered by the team that specifically address exploitation and IP management issues under Horizon (2020/HEU).

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