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Cosmetics Latin America
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New infographic on IP and the cosmetics sector in Latin America

The cosmetics market value in Latin America is projected to reach EUR 41,390 million in 2024. Don't miss the chance to check how to protect your IPRs (Copyright, Trade marks, Industrial Designs, trade secrets and Patent) in the cosmetics sector in Latin America.


To assist the MSMEs and other prospective entrepreneurs to have access to best practices for identification, protection, and management of IPR as a business tool, IPFC has been established at MSME-DI, Ahmedabad, and with the help of CII at Ahmedabad. The primary objective of setting up of IP Facilitation Centre is to guide MSME and other target beneficiaries regarding the utilization of IP tools and technologies for better management of their intellectual property-related needs.

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MSME-Intellectual Property Facilitation Centre, Ahmedabad
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