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IPR Cell, Suresh Gyan Vihar University

Suresh Gyan Vihar University, IPR Cell


FTA goes forward
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UK – India Free Trade Agreement Going Forward

After several month of negotiation, the new bilateral trade agreement goes forward with some crucial points to be settled, patents and copyright aspects of the Indian film industry.

New Roster of Judges Announced in Delhi High Court and More
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New Roster of Judges Announced in Delhi High Court and More

After the abolition of the previous IPAB, the Delhi High Court recently announced a new roster of judges that will take over the IPD divisions of the High Court with effect from 28 November 2022 as well as other Courts communicated some of the actions taken since the abolition of the previous body.


IPR and Research Cell was established to quest bridge between academic activities and the ever-dynamic requirement of the university and industry. This interface promotes the collaboration among academicians-industrialist to develop state-of-the-art manpower for socio-economic development under the present competitive global scenario. 

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