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Cosmetics Latin America
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New infographic on IP and the cosmetics sector in Latin America

The cosmetics market value in Latin America is projected to reach EUR 41,390 million in 2024. Don't miss the chance to check how to protect your IPRs (Copyright, Trade marks, Industrial Designs, trade secrets and Patent) in the cosmetics sector in Latin America.

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WIPO Action Plan: Unlocking Intangible Asset Finance

The leaders of the intellectual property (IP), business and finance communities have recently met in the High-level Conversation on "Unlocking Intangible Asset Finance" to discuss how intangible assets, including IP, can unlock financing to grow businesses.


Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is an academic Institute dedicated to excellence in teaching and research. Its activities, centred on faculty/students/ /project staff/ supporting staff/visitors are based on knowledge and intellectual exercise. In the era of technology domination, where values and perceptions change at brisk pace, Indian Institutes of Technology, in particular, have to preserve the fundamental spirit of academics on one hand and have to march ahead, on the other, accepting changing realities of business economy based on knowledge generated, protected and disseminated under the intellectual property regime. In the evolving scenario of the world today, with increasing awareness of the ‘knowledge asset’, an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy is needed not only to preserve the interest of IITD but also to make IITD faculty/students /project staff/ supporting staff/ visitors aware of ‘knowledge asset and its impact on the society’.

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