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Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector


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New Podcast Series From the European Innovation Council

European Innovation Council (EIC) has recently published the first episode of the new podcast series “The game changers: From radical idea to innovative business” that aims to unveil the inner workings of the EIC and how they support European small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups.

Latin America
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GII 2022: strong Venture Capital growth in Latin America

WIPO has just published its yearly Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022, now in its 15th Edition. This Index summarizes what is the curent state of the Innovation globally, ranking 132 countries. 

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Green Innovation Centre India targets to create 1,800 new jobs for eco-preneurs, especially for youth and women and to provide training and education for 139,000 farmers. Through targeted training approaches, women entrepreneurship is promoted. In addition, the goal is to advise on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and to support the setting up of farmers organisations. The establishment of sustainable economic relationships between farmers and off-traders is a focus area.


Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector