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Central Tool Room & Training Centre, Bhubaneswar


New Roster of Judges Announced in Delhi High Court and More
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New Roster of Judges Announced in Delhi High Court and More

After the abolition of the previous IPAB, the Delhi High Court recently announced a new roster of judges that will take over the IPD divisions of the High Court with effect from 28 November 2022 as well as other Courts communicated some of the actions taken since the abolition of the previous body.

IP & the Automotive Industry in India
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New Infographic: IP & the Automotive Industry in India

The automotive sector has a prominent place in the Indian economy, accounting for 7% of the country's GDP, ranking as the 5th largest automobile industry in the world. This infographic explains what European SMEs wishing to enter this market must be aware of from and IP perspective.

Performing a Patent search in India
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New Infographic: Performing a Patent Search in India

Indian patents are granted by Indian Patent Office, after examining the patent application filed by the applicant. This infographic reveals the crucial points of a patent search that will determine whether this examination may lead to the rejection of the application or to the grant of a patent.


In the present scenario of industrialization; particularly in the engineering field, requirements of specialized tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, moulds, gauges and other precision components are indispensable. Simultaneously demand for quality Tool makers, Tool & Product Designers, Skilled manufacturers, PLC & Industrial Automation engineers and Maintenance Engineers is also growing rapidly. Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC), Bhubaneswar is one of such training, production, design and consultancy centre established in technical cooperation programme between Govt. of India & Govt. of Denmark to meet the above requirements. The excellent infrastructural facilities like land, building etc. have been contributed by Govt. of Orissa. Training activities started in 1991 and Tool production in 1995.

CTTC is unique in imparting industry oriented long & short term training programmes on CAD/CAM, Tool Design & Manufacturing, Tool & Die Making, CNC Programming & Machining, Machine Maintenance, CCNA, Industrial Automation, VLSI, Hardware & Networking Management, ITI (Machinist/Welder) etc. CTTC believes in PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

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Central Tool Room & Training Centre
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