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Ester Olivas Cáceres


Name: Olivas Caceres, Ester

POSITION: Lawyer Senior Consultant – EU Policies, International Trade
and Intellectual Property, Geographical Indications (GI) Expert



With over 23 years of professional experience, Ester is a Lawyer with a Master’s degree in EU
Institutions and Policies, specialized in all aspects related to Geographical Indications (GIs)
from a technical, legal and political point of view.
Bearing over 17 years of experience in strategic counseling, legal advising and representation
of GI producers of agricultural products, wines, spirits and handicrafts, Ester has worked on the
direction and management of key international organizations, as Secretary General of ORIGEN
ESPAÑA (the Spanish Association of Designations of Origin) and as Secretary General of oriGIn
(the first International Network of Geographical Indications), where she represented and
defended the interests of GI producers from all over the world.
Lawyer Senior Consultant at present to international organizations for the implementation of
technical assistance and international cooperation projects, Ester provides legal and technical
counseling on GI-related matters throughout the world, helping government authorities in the
establishment and management of their GI legal framework as well as advising local
stakeholders in the identification, establishment, management, recognition and protection of
their GIs an national and international level.



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Geographical indications

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