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European IP Helpdesk Bulletin / December 2019: Go-To-Market


ISSN 2599-9427, Catalogue number EA-AG-19-002-EN-N
Publication date
1 December 2019 (Last updated on: 5 August 2020)
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
Publication type
  • Bulletin


Intellectual Property is not meant to sit on the shelves, but needs to be brought to the market in order to unleash its full economic and societal impact. It is the effective use and uptake of novel scientific discoveries and promising research results that will keep Europe at the forefront of growth, prosperity and competitiveness in the future. Consequently, project teams and companies engaged in R&D activities need to come up with convincing dissemination and exploitation strategies to actually turn those results into “real” innovations capable of addressing societal and economic challenges of our time. Against this backdrop, this Bulletin issue takes a closer look at the dissemination and exploitation of research results with a particular focus on “Go-to-Market” strategies.


European IP Helpdesk Bulletin No. 2 / December 2019: Go-To-Market