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Webinar | Getting ready for the China Market: Preparing for trade fairs

A tailor-made IPR training on October 26th is designed for the members of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. This is a closed event.  

After China abandoned its draconian zero-COVID policy, trade fairs are back with no restrictions attracting many European SMEs. While there is an abundance of trade fairs to choose from, attending trade fairs unprepared might have the opposite effect to what the SMEs plan to achieve or in some cases it might even complicate future market entry. Therefore, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the EU SME Centre and the China IP SME Helpdesk jointly organise a webinar to prepare the Polish SMEs for safely attending trade fairs in China.


Topic introductions

IP landscape in China and IP protection at trade fairs

While trade fairs are an excellent means to promote SMEs’ products and find business partners, there are also many IP risks involved, especially when the SMEs have not yet taken any steps to protect their IP in China. Before designing a comprehensive IP strategy for the China market, it is important to understand the basic IP landscape in China. During the seminar, the China IP SME Helpdesk IP Business Advisor will provide an overview of China’s IP landscape focusing on patent, trademark and trade secrets protection and enforcement. She will also provide expert tips and share a case study about best practices on IP protection at trade fairs.

How to prepare for trade fairs in China and SME’s market access

China has a vibrant Convention and Exhibition Service Industry with more than 10 000 fairs and exhibition held annually providing SMEs with plenty of opportunities to promote their products.  However, the mere participation in exhibitions is unlikely to bring many benefits to companies. To transform the attendance into a marketing success, EU SMEs need to take action and prepare a detailed plan in advance. During the seminar, the EU SME Centre Business Advisor will explain how to identify the most appropriate fairs to attend, how to prepare for the fairs, the main risks involved, and the importance of following up with potential business partners/buyers after trade fairs. Being trade fairs often prodromic to market access, our expert will also present the key points to take into account in order to prepare the SME to enter the Chinese market


  • fair trade | intellectual property
  • Thursday 26 October 2023, 10:00 - 11:30 (CEST)

Practical information

Thursday 26 October 2023, 10:00 - 11:30 (CEST)