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Matchmaking Event | Chem-Match: Corporates meet Startups 2023 "Green & Digital"

During Chem-Match on 26 and 27 October 2023,  you have the possibility to meet the IP expert from China IP SME Helpdesk. Book a one-on-one meeting with the IP expert to discuss your IP matters and to get useful help and support.

The matchmaking event "Chem-Match: Corporates meet Startups 2023" will be coordinated with the CIEX Europe 2023 conference. Participation in the matchmaking event is free of charge for all companies.

The "Chem-Match: Corporates meet Startups" event brings impetus to chemical open innovation. Like in the successful last 4 editions, match corporates with startups from the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, bioelectronics, environmental technologies and sustainability, digital process management and digital innovation.

The chemical industry faces diverse challenges these days. Issues like digitisation, process improvements, ecological and social responsibility, supply chains and energy crisis shape a new operation setting for companies. The pressure to innovate is high while the time needed stays an obstacle. Ambitious corporates rely on cooperative approaches to innovate. They use the dynamics in the startup scene to speed-up their research and development efforts.

Intellectual property is an integral part of any business strategy. Knowing how to manage your IP effectively can help you promote your business or maximise the impact of your research & innovation project.

The China IP SME Helpdesk IP Business Advisor will attend the matchmaking event to advise EU SMEs and SMEs from countries participating in the Single Market Programme with IP-related questions via the free 1-on-1 online consultation arranged in advance.


  • fair trade | intellectual property
  • Thursday 26 October 2023, 11:45 - Friday 27 October 2023, 12:00 (CEST)

Practical information

Thursday 26 October 2023, 11:45 - Friday 27 October 2023, 12:00 (CEST)
Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH | Enterpries Europe Network | Chemical Innovation Exchange
Chem-Match Meet IP Experts