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Workshop: Managing your intellectual property in the medical device sector: a Latin America-Europe comparison for EU SMEs

Join us during the Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partners event to learn more about issues concerning the protection of intellectual property when internationalizing a business to Latin American countries.

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Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partner 2022
Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partner 2022

Recent innovations in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), mechanical and electrical engineering or biochemistry have led to the development of brand new types of tools with broad potential application in the medical field.

These technologies are fundamentally changing the paradigms of the medical profession with new ways to exchange information between patients and doctors, or new technical solutions to specific diseases. This evolution has created unique opportunities for the development of new medical devices to be used for diagnostic, monitoring and therapeutic purposes.

In this context, intellectual capital plays a crucial role, and knowing the implications and benefits of intellectual property (IP) is vital to identify new business opportunities, keep your business healthy and wealthy and avoid other’s rights infringements, among others.

Nevertheless, holders must be aware that such rights can be geographically limited and, therefore, subject to further protection if they are planning to enter foreign markets.

Join the Latin America IP SME Helpdesk to know more about the main issues concerning the protection of intellectual property to bear in mind when internationalizing a business. Special attention will be then given to the idiosyncrasies of IP protection in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico and its differences compared to Europe.

What you can expect:

  • Services provided by EU initiatives that support SMEs in the region
  • Indications on when and how is Intellectual Property relevant to your business
  • Main steps and particularities to protect your trade marks, inventions and creations locally
  • Updated information on the registration proceedings
  • Various case studies involving EU SMEs experiencing and overcoming issues with IP protection in the region
  • Tips to succeed abroad
  • Tailor-made assistance to your queries

Participation to this workshop is possible by registering to the Health Tech Hub Styria Pitch & Partner 2022 - Home (