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Webinar: Protection and Enforcement of IP Rights in Online Platforms in South-East Asia (Organised by IP Key SEA)

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The Webinar on the Protection and Enforcement of IP Rights in Online Platforms will feature e-commerce and social media websites in Southeast Asia, who will present their respective IP policies and procedures. This includes the necessary steps for IPR owners to notify the platform regarding alleged infringing content so that appropriate action may be taken. Practical tips and strategies for IPR owners and SMEs to protect their IP rights in the online environment will also be discussed.

The event is also open to government authorities, online users, consumers, and the general public. For IP and law enforcement authorities, EU best practices in terms of addressing infringements in the online environment will also be featured during the webinar, such as initiatives to facilitate cooperation agreements between IPR owners and online platforms. For online users and consumers, knowing each platform's IP protection standards gives them an assurance that measures have been taken to ensure that only genuine products and original content are made available for their purchase and consumption online.

On 26 May 2021, Mr. Leo Absolom, Consultant of South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk and Legal Executive of Ravindran Associates LLP Singapore will participate and deliver an in-depth discussion focusing on practical tips on how EU SMEs can build a robust IP strategy to protect their IP rights in online environment.  

Please, download the agenda of the meeting.

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