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Webinar on IP Mediation in South-East Asia (Organised by IP Key SEA)

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Programme Synopsis:

This virtual activity aims to promote the use of IP mediation mechanisms as a viable alternative means of dispute resolution among the EU businesses operating in SEA. It seeks to familiarize EU businesses with the IP mediation procedures and requirements in each of the SEA countries, in order to encourage them to avail of such remedies which may facilitate the more expeditious resolution of IP cases. The webinar will be targeted for EU IPR owners and legal practitioners in SEA, and will also showcase the EUIPO Boards of Appeal mediation process, in order to establish international best practices in the procedures related to IP mediation. This will be followed by presentations on the national IP mediation mechanisms of the participating SEA countries, to be presented by the respective IP offices.

On 25 November 2021, Mr. Jevon Louis - External IP Expert of South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk and Partner of Shook Lin & Bok LLP, will attend and deliver an IP Presentation focusing on  “Strategies for IP Mediation for SMEs” from 9.10 - 9.40 (CET)/ 15:10 - 15:40 (Bangkok Time).

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