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Webinar Coop with the European Patent Office: From Lab to Market - Successful Technology Transfer Journeys

Discover how patents facilitate technology transfer and promote market success! 

In this virtual event you will be introduced to the EPO`s new case study series with valuable insights from two successful technology transfers from European universities. Each of them will highlight how IP supported the technology transfer and commercialisation and its different roles throughout the process concluding with key takeaways for those active in the field.

This webinar is part of a training collaboration between the European Patent Office and the European IP Helpdesk.


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Practical information



Technology Transfer Case Studies
Successful Technology Tranfer Journeys


  • The Big Picture: on the Role of IP for Successful Technology Transfer
  • The EPO Technology Transfer Case Studies: an Overview of the Project
    • Case number 1 - OxeonA new weaving method using composite material was the basis for the foundation of Swedish start-up Oxeon. IP rights for the technology helped to attract private investment. Oxeon also benefitted from business support from the Chalmers University of Technology entrepreneurship centre. This combination of private ownership and public innovation support led to the commercialisation of innovative textiles in the sports, industrial and aerospace sectors and the licensing of the weaving technology.
    • Case number 2 – Dermis Pharma:  This product to treat open wounds, such as diabetic ulcers, is the result of R&D carried out by four female inventors in the laboratory of Turkey's Ege University. They secured IP protection early on, with the help of the local technology transfer office. However, initial attempts at commercialisation using licensing failed. A start-up acceleration programme encouraged the female inventor team to create the start-up Dermis Pharma. Thanks to its strong IP, the young company managed to secure the necessary venture capital funding for cost-intensive clinical trials and product development. An IP-assignment deal with a big Turkish pharma company sealed a corporate partnership and accelerated the commercialisation process.
  • Conclusion, Follow-up Recommendations & Outlook



  • Technology transfer professionals and TLOs at research organisations
  • Technology transfer facilitators and marketplaces
  • Decision makers and IP professionals in high-growth technology businesses
  • Stakeholders of the technology transfer process






Improve understanding of the technology transfer process by

  1. learning from real case studies (Oxeon (SE) and Dermis Pharma (TR))
  2. identifying key technology transfer takeaways
  3. raising awareness for the important role of IP, and particularly of patents



The webinar will be offered free of charge.



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