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China Business Week

The China IP SME Helpdesk is participating to the China Business Week (27-29 September) is organised by the Dutch Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland. Longstanding IP expert Reinout van Malenstein will partake on behalf of the Helpdesk and participate in the panel session and will provide a training on the importance of intellectual property when doing business in China.

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Practical information

China Business Week


China Business Week: 27-29 September 2021

The China Business Week will be conducted in Dutch and is interesting for Dutch-speaking SMEs that:

  • want to start exporting to China
  • want to explore the Chinese market
  • companies already active in the Chinese market and are looking for new opportunities
  • knowledge institutions working with Chinese partners. 

Expert Reinout van Malenstein will highlight the importance of intellectual property and provide best practices in terms of enforcement and prevention. He will focus on trademarks, patents, utility models, copyrights and trade secrets. By means of a couple of case studies he will give real examples of how companies have dealt with IP in China.